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General Body Meeting

September 27th

Calling all Members! Join us for our June GBM for org updates and an Information Session for anyone interested in joining the Chicago NSBE Board. Also for all persons who have applied, this meeting will be a great time time to address the membership! 

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September 16th

Join us at our annual family reunion!  We will be at 31st Street Beach, kicking off another year of Chicago NSBE hospitality, hope to see you there!  RSVP here.

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Announcing, The Experience.  A next generation futuristic community space that will inspire and engage all who enter. 

Brought to you by the NSBE Chicago Professionals
and the Chicago Community


Game Change 2025

NSBE has a new strategic plan!  See where we are going and how we are going to get there...  


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New Positions Available

Coming to you this fall companies are looking for your expertise.  Post your resume now to experience the next phase of your career!  New positions are uploaded daily! 


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NSBE Certified Member

Are you NSBE Certified?  Only local and national members are certified. A mere $75 assures that you are certified to get and be the most!

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