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TikTok STEM Challenge


Welcome to the TikTok STEM Challenge!  Get together with at least one friend and show us how to do a STEM based activity.  Using TikTok is not required.  We found that using Zoom or Google Meet is the easier way to make your video. The video should be no longer than 10 min.  The challenge finalists will be posted on October 5th at 8 am.  Get your friends and family to vote for your video to win $250!!!*

Submit your videos below to enter

DEADLINE: October 4th

VOTING: October 5 - 9th

WInner Announced: October 10th @ 1pm CT

* Only one (1) prize will be awarded.  This contest has no affiliation with TikTok the company or any of its subsidiaries.  Please read the contest submission rules before submitting.

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